Downtown Eats: Gothic Ice Cream!

We are big fans of all things ice cream, and we are always on the hunt for new twists to our favorite snack. Our current favorite is the hip, gothic themed ice cream shop, Little Damage

Little Damage serves soft serve ice cream that is unlike any other you have tried. Have you ever had black ice cream? Have you ever had a charcoal cone? Didn't think so. But look no further, because here you can try unique rotating flavors like the black colored "Mother of Dragons" (strawberry cheesecake), Unicorn Tears (vanilla birthday cake), Taro Coconut, Major Key Lime and at least one vegan option. Don't be shy to sample flavors and you can even get two different flavors in a cone. To top it off, you get your pick of a topping like sprinkles, diced almonds, fruity pebbles, Oreo crumbs or coconut shavings.

Make sure you check their Instagram to see what flavors are available that day!