An Evening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA was designed by the great architect Frank Gehry and is home to the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.  The venue feels small and intimate, and the acoustics are hailed as one of the best in the world.

The iconic building is both great to just see, tour, or attend a musical event.  Events include classical, jazz, world music and other chamber music.  You can have an evening with Beethoven and Mozart, or chamber music with strings only, or perhaps watch a classic Halloween movie like Nosferatu with a live organ!  All of the different types of events provide a very unique LA experience.

If you want to just view or tour the building, you can join a group for a free scheduled guided tour or wander on your own or get a free self-guided tour with a complimentary audio device. Just note that tours do not include entering the auditorium since there is a constant flow of rehearsals and performances.  The tours take about 1 hour and are very worth your while if you want to learn about the Walt Disney Concert Hall's creative history from conception to completion.

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The concert hall is only a 15 minute walk or a short taxi ride away from Jerry's Motel.  If driving there, you can see parking options here.