GPS is Essential in LA

When renting a car in Los Angeles, it is absolutely essential to use GPS to make your way to your destinations.  The city is huge, so having guidance will help make your trip easier and much more enjoyable.  Even LA residents oftentimes rely on GPS when venturing to new areas.

You have the following options for getting GPS:

1) Rent a GPS through your rental car company. Depending on how many days you have your rental car, this can be the most expensive option.

2) Purchase a GPS system at a retailer located near Jerry's Motel like City Target (at FIGat7th) in downtown, or a nearby Best Buy.  

3) If you have a GSM smartphone, you may want to consider adding an international data plan to use Google Maps while on the road.

4) You can also purchase a SIM card from mobile stores like AT&T or T-Mobile and add a data plan to your smartphone. 

This is very important, so make sure you have this in mind when creating a budget for your trip.