Renting A Car In Los Angeles

Renting a car is the best to get around in Los Angeles. LA's public transportation is not as developed as many major cities from around the world. Given that LA covers such a large geographic area, a car allows you to experience a lot more instead of spending wasted hours on bus/train connections. 

For example, you can get to Hollywood rather easily via subway from Downtown. But there is not a direct public transit route from the Hollywood area to the Santa Monica Pier. This example shows the difficulty a visitor might have it they want to go Hollywood and the beach on the same day. It especially makes it difficult to see a lot of sites if you only have a couple of days in Los Angeles. Reputable car rental company links below:




You should also do some comparison shopping and search various sites at once by using sites like and Priceline.  Make sure you do not book your car too early with a non-refundable rate, since rates tend to be at their highest a few months in advance.  Your best option is to book a rate with free cancellation and continue to check every 1-2 weeks in case a lower rate becomes available.  Then you can cancel and remake your reservation.  This process is very easy on sites like