Helpful Information On The LA Public Transportation System

Many of our guests will have a rental car during their stay and take advantage of our free parking. A large portion will travel without a rental car and use the Los Angeles public transportation system. Although it is not the best system in the world by any stretch of the imagination, you can still enjoy LA by bus or subway. With a little bit of advance planning and knowledge of the system prior to your visit you can make your stay in LA an enjoyable one.

Planning Your Public Transportation Routes:


A single trip on the bus or subway will run $1.75 and a 1 day pass will be $7. You will have to use a TAP card and "load" money on to it. The TAP card itself costs an additional $1. See the link below for additional details.

Google Transit:

Just enter the "To" and "From" addresses or landmarks and the system will generate the route to take via public transport.

Metro Main Site:

The city's bus/subway guide. Similar to Google Transit but in our opinion not as user friendly.

Bus/Subway Maps:

Bus Stop Closest To Jerry's Motel:

Line 16/316

Metro Subway Stop Closest To Jerry's Motel:

7th Street Metro Station

Downtown Bus System: